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Update - May 15th 2013

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Update - May 15th 2013 Empty Update - May 15th 2013

Post by JoWei on May 15th 2013, 17:10

A lot have been going on ever since the return of the forum. ( Not that it really went off or anything. )
There's been major changes on the forum after my return. Mostly cleaning up, sort sections, change style, move topics and lock some of the older ones.
More changes are coming up soon, like the Roleplay section in the forum games section.
Emoticon are slowly making their comeback. ( Lost overtime. )
I'll slowly list the changes I'll make in the upcoming days as the aim is complete revival of this forum.

Note: Did you all know we had a mobile version of the forum? Well we do! Just use the same address you usually use to access the forum > and you'll be thrown into the mobile version automagically! Enjoy!

From your administrator,

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