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Fallyngs - Concept Idea

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Fallyngs - Concept Idea Empty Fallyngs - Concept Idea

Post by Kykywox on November 11th 2010, 19:18

Here's a little creature concept idea I recently had, hope you like it :P


Fallyngs are small ball-like creatures that live in trees and feed off their resources like fruits, flowers and sap. In return, they produce a special kind of fertilizer which is very powerful and helps the tree sustain it's many inhabitants. The Fallyings also provide the tree with a protection from small bugs and other parasites by eating them, while the tree by itself provides shelter and cover from the Fallyngs' predators which includes most birds of prey. Fallyngs are almost completely covered in leaves, some grown from them, some simply gathered from their home tree. It has been noticed that the leaves on a Fallyng's body tend to take the form and color of it's home tree so that when they lose some, they can easily replace them with the ones surrounding them. When Fall comes and the leaves of their home tree start to fall off, so will the leaves on the Fallyng and it will start being replaced by a hard shell similar to bark. Around Winter, when the amount of leaves in the home tree has become insufficient to provide them with cover from predator, they simply let themselves fall to the ground, thus their name. The Fallyngs possess small claws like grappling hook which allows them to easily move around in the tree without falling. When on the ground, they will find start hibernating, blending in with the tree's roots with their newly grown skin.

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