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My New Stuff Empty My New Stuff

Post by Kykywox on January 11th 2010, 04:05

Since all of my advertising doesn't seem to be going anywhere, I thought I'd post some stuff here (even though this place is pretty dead anyways... meh)

Here are some links to "show off and advertise" my "stuff"

DeviantArt: HERE

Recently got photoshop (trial just expired :'( ) and created some adoptables (see in Squiby) and made a Deviant ID as well as a Google Meme which you are all invited to do as well if you're interested (Blank).

Also please check out Gabby, she writes totally AWESOME fanfictions of FMA. (Character Description, Part1 and Part2)

Squiby: HERE

I created a species of adoptables on Squiby which is an adoptable site where you can upload your own adoptables.

They're Inkies
Inkies are small creatures made of Ink.
They're what happens when you leave a stain of ink lying around for too long. The egg takes form in the ink splatter and soon hatches into a mischievous little creature. After that you'll be sure to find ink all over your room.

You can adopt them on my Squiby account. All additional informations can be found in the Inky Thread.

Peace guys :P

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My New Stuff Empty Re: My New Stuff

Post by Mokolklk on January 12th 2010, 01:08

Nice nice... malheureusement étant ta première réponce... heee je peux seulement dire que j'ai bien rie au Google Meme et que tu fais de bon photoshop et que le Raquin Furry musclé me dit quelque chose...une BD de mon temps... j'avais une figurine plastique en marionette de lui.

mais bon :D Gabby? c'est surment une amie à toi ou un truc du genre :D

Mais voila je dit ça parce que je comprend que l'anglais à sont... 50%... lol

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