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Yugioh Card Maker

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Yugioh Card Maker Empty Yugioh Card Maker

Post by Kykywox on December 12th 2008, 22:22

Ever wanted to make realistic Yugioh cards? Well here's your chance! Simply go there :

If you subscribe you can also save your cards on the site and post them in the forums and stuff.

Here's a pack of Spider-Man cards I've made on the site. There's some mistakes (like the Parasite that ain't a real monster type) but I think the result is relatively good.

Yugioh Card Maker 197017hm5
Yugioh Card Maker 197017tv5
Yugioh Card Maker 197017qj6
Yugioh Card Maker 197017uk2
Yugioh Card Maker 197017fi8
Yugioh Card Maker 197017om3
Yugioh Card Maker 197017em0

Oh and just a bit of advice, if you don't want the image in your card to look squeezed, try to edit it in paint so the horizontal and vertical are as equal as possible (make it like a square not a rectangle).

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